Up until now, I've always been either the hopeless romantic or the cynical realist, sometimes both at once! I await the day when I can just and only need to be a simple romantic for that one special person <3

We dreamers

It’s indescribable, the feeling of wanting greatness, the curse of being a dreamer. In life, there are two mentalities: the first are those who are “la la”, naive, or just go where life takes them and second are everyone else, those who simply want more.

Personally, I don’t think I can accurately write about the first type. However, I think I’ve seen enough to reflect on the second. I suppose the best analogy would be imagining a treasure hunt in the ocean and we dreamers are all divers. We all start at the top, floating in the sunlight and weary of each other. We all know what we want. We all want that hidden treasure on the ocean floor below us, but some are too timid to go under water, so they linger at the surface. For those who have embarked on the dive to riches, they start to experience something—an scary, innate feeling triggered by us entering the abysmal unknown. The deeper we go, the less light can penetrate the water toward us. Our path before us gets darker. We start to panic. After all, how can we plan for where we go when we can barely see what’s coming in front of us? The solitude kicks in. When in doubt we can always resort to follow suit from those around us. Alas, no matter what proximity we hold to the fellow divers around us, we can’t copy what we can’t see. Their path is their own, as is our own. And only after all this to we realize how trivial our worries were because of what comes next. All along there was a force working against us we could not see. Only by going deeper did we realize the pressure all that water put on us. Our movements become restricted. It’s as if the power of that entire ocean was pressing up against us, crushing us, torturing us for going after it’s treasure down under. It is at this point that many divers start to retreat. This was a daunting endeavor they had taken too lightly at first. They lacked endurance and  preparation for this search of glory. But the brave continue. There was nothing going for them. They had no support and no one to console them and yet they press on. Because in this solitude they realized that despite all of the comfort and certainty they once envied from everyone now at the lit and pressure-less surface was only an illusion that contained their fear. In spite of all the darkness, the uncertainty, and the pressure of the journey, those continuing the dive had something stronger than all forces in opposition of them—their courage.

It takes courage to strive for that which is rare in life, happiness and success. It’s never easy and there’s no guarantee that you’ll find what you’re looking for in absolute certainty. However, like the story of the persistent divers, you’ll never know how close you are to what you’re looking for if you don’t try. Those who turned back, maybe the sunken treasure was right there in front of their eyes. They just didn’t know it when they chose to turn back.

How does the analogy/story of the divers end? Well that’s for you to figure out. After all, this is an analogy to life as the second type of mentality, the dreamer. If I had to guess, they all found that treasure. And even if some didn’t, I’d like to think that they emerged from that dive as something more than who they were when their journey started. The conviction, confidence, and will that it took to get them down under is something I’m sure is more valuable than what they initially searched for.